Buy a website: what affects the cost of creating a website on the Internet?

Internet-marketing – it is one of the most effective and powerful tools for the development of your business or any business at all. If you use it correctly, you will benefit a lot, but if you do not know how to use it, it may lead to the opposite result. Many successful companies have proved, that money that the spent on the website development, multiplied and came back as profit, and the website stays a valuable asset of the company.

How to create a website so it would work for your business?

hose who think that all you need to do is create a website, and your sales would skyrocket, client will come running and business will grow by minute, will be disappointed. To achieve this, you need to invest a considerable amount of money and effort, and what is also important – you must believe in your idea. For example, let’s take two similar companies with the same money turnover. One of them is ready to pay for the website a decent amount, a few thousands or even a hundred dollars, and the other company isn’t willing to invest 200$ in the website.

The question here is not about the price, it’s about whether the other company believes in the possibility of growing through the internet?

Companies like that usually order a website from the cheapest web studio or freelancers-beginners that make a cheap website fast. This will allow the company to announce “We are here” on the internet, but doubtly it will become a working  marketing tool.

Judging from the fact that company is not ready to pay more than a necessary minimum for the website creation, therefore it is not going to invest into the website promotion. Less money we spend, less interest we have. But if you initially invested a large amount of money into the website development – you will study all the possible marketing tools and moves and watch closely how they affect the result.

Please note, how successful companies who are already leaders on the market, treat carefully and with responsibility their internet reflection - the website. Internet for them is the place where their potential clients are, along with partners and employees.

Internet is a multifunctional tool that solves many business tasks and that affects development of the company big time.

Today anyone who visits the website, can make up their mind about the company. This can be not only your clients, but also investors. And it becomes immediately obvious,  how company’s policy corresponds to what they it is declaring on it’s website. And if it does not match, then you lose twice.

How to create a website - for small business owners or start-ups?

Many new companies, come to us with a request to create a simple turnkey website. In our turn, we try to find out why do they need the website, what are they expecting from it, what tasks should it perform. It is obvious, that before creating an eCommerce website, or any other, you should think the marketing strategy through, as much as possible to the smallest details. First of all must be determined goals and tasks, that website achieves, thinks about web analytics, promotion, cpc advertising etc.

Considering a website by itself, without any additional marketing tools is a huge mistake and makes no sense. A website will not work for you!

A prerequisite for the normal work of the website is it’s constant and professional support. This way it will really be the working tool for the growth of your company.

Hearing our arguments and the estimated cost of the site, some people still look for the possibility to create website by themselves. It can be done with the help of website builder - cheap and easy. Of course here you will have a chance to get creative and make a website, just for the sake of it. All the troubles of a website builder and it’s questionable value you can read in our previous article.

It is necessary to consider, that a quality website development is a labor-consuming and complex process, that requires special knowledge and skills. Having read a couple of articles about the website development, doubtedly you will be able to create a website from scratch, without having to spends lots of time for learning. Only if web development is your job, not a short time hobby, you will make a decent website by yourself. In all other cases it is a waste of time and money.

Another possible scenario is to hire the cheapest web studio or a starting freelancer that will make a website quickly and cheap. To do this, all you have to do is to prepare a technical task for a website development, a certain amount of money, and wait for it. But the question is, will you be satisfied with this website, and its functionality in the future?

And yet again: a website must be a powerful business tool - why create it just for it to be there. Low effectiveness of the website explains easily -  small investments not only in the website promotion, but also in it’s development. When you pay little you treat it poorly and do not expect much from it.

A priori a good site can not be cheap. In case it is – you do not value it much, and you will simply rely on chance and luck in it’s promotion, and will not see it as a business tool that you have paid for.

As we see, create a good internet shop, whose price depends on many factors, is not as easy as it looks. Web development is not enough, it should work effectively. Our advice for the startupers and small business owners is not to spend  even the smallest amount of money, unless you have a strict plan of business development.

How much does a good website for your business cost?

How can you talk about solving business tasks or internet promotion if you allocate a minimum budget for the website development. It is understandable, that for a few hundred dollars a skilled team of developers won’t work on your project, because it is a very small amount for them.

Let’s not discuss now a development of a simple company website, a catalogue or landing page for a small business - they have their own smaller and simpler needs, in most cases they cannot afford to spend more than they have - and for this there is a special price for the development of a simple website with standard functionality. I suggest to consider the creation of the site for the large company with ambitions, that can afford to invest in a good custom made website that will meet all the requirements.

To create a website for business and set some marketing tasks, takes in average  about 300 hours of hard work. And if consider an average hour fee 20$,  a project’s budget can’t be less than 6000$.

An effective website’s for business price starts somewhere about 10000$ for 500 hours of painstaking work of professionals, plus the cost of website advertising. And here everybody wins: developers do excellent job without complaining about the poor payment and that’s why project isn’t perfect, a customer receives a working instrument - a website, that does exactly what he needs. And a customer will learn to use it to the fullest, in order to win back the invested money, or more.

We tried to explain it as accessible as possible, why a cheap website will more likely be an ineffective working instrument for any business. Let`s hope that before creating your website you will think it thoroughly and make your choice in favor of quality!