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About Bergsoft+ company

«BergSoft+» - some information about the company.

Company BergSoft+ has been on the web development market since 2007.

The main activity of the company - information and data processing on the internet ( websites development, promotion, SEO-optimization and websites content management, their placement in the internet, domain registration, hosting, etc). While creating websites, we try to keep up with the modern IT world, and use new and popular technologies for better and stable projects.

Our company also provides web hosting services and administration of Linux based web servers, through goodhoster.net page.

Website development

The process of website development is done using agile methodology development - it is a concept used for PO development. Agile-methods focus on direct face to face communication - the developer and the client. Preferring direct communication, agile-methods reduce the amount of written documentation relatively to other methods of development.

Technologies we use

In our work, for the website development we use framework Django programming language Python. Why specifically this duo? Quality, security and simplicity in website development are key for a successful project realization, doesn't matter is it a company website, catalogue, e-commerce or corporate website.

Django framework allows not to reinvent a wheel, but write fast, clean and productive itescode. Also it is worth mentioning the high level of security of our websites, Django/Python minimizes security vulnerabilities, that is especially important for ecommerce websites and corporate websites. It is also very easy to make any improvements and changes in the already existing sites.

Advantages of working with us

Since we provide you with a testing domain during the website development, the customer can monitor the development and implementation of the project in real-time, test and, if necessary, adjust some nuances.

Our principle is close, everyday communication “customer - developer” during the website development . Thus, the customer receives the result he expected and developers avoid unnecessary extra work - and work only on the functionality of the website.

And one more very important thing is to keep up with ever-changing devices people use to browse the internet. That`s why we make our websites responsive - they show up nice on the screen of any size - phones, tablets, netbooks. Today more than 50% of all internet users are browsing using mobile devices, that`s why it is very important that your or your company`s webpage displays correctly on any device.

In our work and on servers we use operating system Linux, which ensures stable operation of servers and high lebel of protection. For the web development we use stable and well-tried Opensource programs, that helps our clients to cut the budget on system support.

We are highly motivated in our work, and we strive for excellence executing your projects. Our developers are motivated personalities, that are provided with all the necessary conditions to do their work perfectly, and they have the full company`s and client`s  support.

«BergSoft+» company  can handle a project of any difficulty and size. To put high goals and achieve them is our work.

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