Landing page Promo site / One page site

The site advertises a single product or service (limited range of products or services) or promotes the brand during advertising campaigns.

  • Feature:
  • one page that contains 4 or more blocks
  • colorful design
  • form to collect contact information of potential customers

Business site Personal website / Portfolio

The site of several pages which contains information about activities of the company, institution or a private person (personal website), services, events, and contact information for potential customers.

  • Feature:
  • photo gallery
  • news / blog
  • customer reviews
  • reference page in the form of question and answer
  • form of interaction with site visitors

Online store Catalogue site / Showcase

The site with the most complete information about the services or goods for the purpose of sale.

  • Feature:
  • structured catalog of goods and services
  • flexible inventory management and easy administration detailed description of the goods or services with current prices
  • form of goods ordering with sending customer data to e-mail of the company for processing
  • form of interaction with site visitors. Form "Feedback"
  • 1C integration

Сustom solution any project with Your Ideas

Any web project

  • Feature:
  • form of interaction with site visitors
  • the possibility of payment for goods online
  • dynamic calculation of delivery
  • complicated filters
  • calculation of discounts
  • other optional functionality

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Many companies, individuals or corporations are thinking about effective promotion of their products or services. Today, one of the most effective ways to make your business recognizable is internet. Therefore, sooner or later owners of small, medium or large business feel a need of a landing page or website development. Because it's a great opportunity to present your product on the market, improve sales and organize a successful business with minimal expenses (no need to rent an office, hire many employees, etc.). You only have to spend money one time - for a website development.

BERGSOFT+ company can help you with a build of a new website or redesign a website you already own. We have been working in the IT technologies sphere for over 10 years and can handle a task of any level of difficulty. During this time many successful projects were implemented: from landing pages to the hosting control panel website.

We develop websites in Ukraine, but cooperate with clients from all over the world. Therefore, can offer you the best option according to your needs and budget.

With the help of our company you can:

  1. Create a landing page – a one page website with an eyecatching design, that is used to promote a single product or service during the advertising campaign;
  2. Build a promo/portfolio website – it consists of a few pages that contain information about the company (company website) or an individual , and also sevices, news and contacts;
  3. Create an e-shop (eCommerce website) – a full size website with all the information about your products and opportunity to sell them (website – catalogue);
  4. Buy an custom E-COMMERCE solution or build complicated website – products catalogue or web site with an expanded functionality.

Why chose our company to build a website ?

Many of our potential clients are asking themselves this very question, so let`s see our competitive advantages:

  • We analyze main goals and ideas, and produce the best effective solutions for your business, that will bring you profit.
  • Our professionals love what they do more than anything and have vast experience, so you will receive a really quality product, whether it is a development of a small landing page or a large company website.
  • We maximize the cooperation with the customer, and take into account all the wishes and requirements. You will take part in the development of your website.
  • Our specialists adhere to advanced technologies and high standards in their work.
  • Providing high quality specialists consultations before starting the project.
  • Support and maintenance web site after launch.
  • We help our clients to solve different problems that may appear during the website work. Connecting to our website errors collection system allows you to quickly fix them.
  • Hosting provider. You don`t need to search for hosting for your website, we can help you solve those problems, related to domain name registration, hosting your website on the server and its availability in the internet.

Optimal correlation between the price and high quality.

Price. How much does it cost to create a website?

Many clients, that come to us, are interested in the price of the website right away. We can give an approximate value. And only when we have all the details of the future project, we individually calculate the price for every website, that depends on the clients` requirements and budget.

Website development – is a time consuming process, that requires certain knowledge and experience. We do not make poor products at low cost, but offer our clients services, which cost depends on technologies used, functionality and time spent. It`s obvious, that a landing page is easier, faster to make than a full website or eCommerce.

Depending on the website type, we give you an approximate minimal cost for every type :

  1. If you need a landing page, its price starts at 150$ and is the lowest among other types of websites. It is a good choice if you do not need additional functionality or services, but only want to show a single product or service - all you need is an order form.
  2. Price of a portfolio website starts at 200$. Here are more additional services and functional possibilities, it has more pages.
  3. Developing an e-shop requires more time and effort (create a catalogue, news or blog, clients testimonials, order form , communication form) that`s why eCommerce website development price starts at 500$. Besides, convenience of a content management system is also extremely important, especially if you need to edit or add a lot of new information.
  4. On the customer`s request we can build a custom website for you needs, suitable exactly for your business with special custom features - we like the challenge!

To find out exactly, how much is the cost of a website you want, contact us, we will be happy to answer all your questions.

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