Domskidok project

Domskidok website is different from the other websites of this kind. Domskidok not just allows you to get a huge discount, it gives it to you for free! Interesting concept, isn`t it?

We thought so too, and started to work. 

A customer had a website, developed on a paid CMS and he wanted to change it and move it to a free framework. Website design was outdated too, especially considering its subject. Except for offers` catalogue and authorization, there must be a possibility to print coupons directly from the website.
 Since we use Django framework and Python programming language, that is what we offered to use. We transfered data from the old website and created a website with a new design using programming language python. That was a first step in development of domskidok website by our company.

But for websites of this type, design and structure are of great importance, after all, it must be pleasant and easy for customers to use it. 

Exactly for this reason there was a second stage of web development. At the end of april we resumed to work on the website and began to work on the implementation of some changes.

Now we can already see the final version of the site.
Appearance and navigation of the website have undergone some changes, design was changed. We changed colours to lighter. Domskidok website has become light, bright and neat - exactly as the client wanted.