We started to work on the Adjutor project

We are glad to inform you, that we have started to work on a new and interesting project - development of a website for the company "Adjutor". It is a recruting consulting company. 

This website is being created considering all the company needs, for fast and comfortable use by company employees and clients. For future company clients there is a large informational section. For companies, whos specialty is a headhunting, database, clever data storage and its classification is one of the most importand business tools. 

For website development we use Python/Django, JavaScript, Postgres, HTML5. Modern and successful business requires only up-to-date technologies. 

When it comes to the "Adjutor" company, the website does not only represent the company on the Internet and displays the info about it. It is much more complicated and important. This company`s website is its working tool. That is exactly why it should be reliable, fast and easy to work with. Hight security level is a must. 
Now the website development is on the testing stage, follow up and soon you will see the renewed Adjutor website.