Why you should create your ecommerce marketplace using Python/Django

All websites must have clean and fast code, but when it comes to Ecommerce marketplaces, fast, efficient code is a must. Unlike simple websites, they execute thousands of transactions using complex software that processes and saves the data. Build your marketplace with Python and Django and you are on the right way to handling the traffic. Most of the giant-websites and portals like Google, Facebook, Disqus, and Netflix trust Python and Django. Why don't you?

Next follow the 10 reasons why you should build your ecommerce marketplace with Python and Django.

1. Think big - high Performance

You start small, but eventually your marketplace grows and brings lots of simultaneous traffic and orders. This means there is lots of code to process. The Python programming language can handle high loads with ease. Source data is processed one at a time through the software. This makes it super quick to handle all your marketplace and business functions. Python is also constantly updated with performance improvements.

2. Its easy to support and pretty reliable

The quality of the code is always important. when it comes to marketplace, code quality is crucial. Python is a programming language that is easy to read. Any coder can understand someone else's code with minimal effort. It is also very easy to test and truobleshoot. All this means that instead of constantly fixing bugs you can create new features and improve user experience of your website.

3. Efficient, Fast Development

Python"s efficiency means that building a marketplace needs less code, you don't need loads of code. Another handy feature - you can reuse code from another projects. So it takes your dev team less time and costs you less. Python programming language and Django framework have many ready-to-use modules, packages, and libraries. These prebuilt functions that can be added to the code, and therefore, reduce coding time. Using Python and Django you can develop any idea fast.

4. New Developers jump right in 

Python is easy for developers to read and understand. This means your new team members don't need to spend months in order to understand how your project works. They are able to continue the process with very little learning time. Again - you save money and can bring in a contractor at any time, without long time wait.

5. Active, and Supportive Communities

It is great that Python and Django are both open source. So anytime a developer has trouble or needs a quick tip, there is help available fast. There is a very active developer communities for Python and Django. There is also a large library of pre-built packages.

6. Scalable - lets you grow

It is common to start with a small website, because doesn't require a big budget. But when your business grows and you understand that you need to invest again, because your website doesn't stretch. But Python and Django, have you used them for creating a marketplace, let your website grow with your business. The biggest companies in the world use Python or Django every day. They are Facebook, Netflix, Google, Mozilla, Dropbox, Disqus, Instagram, Pinterest, and Paypal. These giants process tons of data and trust the Python programming language and Django framework to handle it all. With proper deployment of your marketplace, it too can handle any amount of orders, deliveries, live streams, or shares.

8. Cross-Platform and Database

If you use Python and Django, you can run your ecommerce marketplace on almost any platform or database. Python and Django are compatible with all major programming databases. It is even possible to use several different types in one project. This cross compatibility allows you to build many different types of marketplace features. You can easily migrate from any existing platform or database you may be using now.

9. Flexible and versatile

Many different types of software and web solutions use Python and Django to run. They are made for innovations - because they can and can handle many complex calculations. You can add any idea, feature, or improvement you can think of to your ecommerce marketplace. Even cutting-edge technologies like machine learning and AI.

10. Secure and always up-to-Date

Powerful Django security features are enabled by default so your development team will create safe code. This means your marketplace is secure from the start. Security features are constantly updated, to prevent attacks like SQL Injections, XSS, Clickjacking, and more. Running an ecommerce marketplace on Python and Django means that there is no need to worryabout your store and customer data.

Bonus: Easy API connect

Business usually relies on lots of other software. Things like accounting, payments, and marketing are often done with multiple services. Django has API’s to connect to these services. Using API you can integrate your ecommerce marketplace to any other API enabled software. Data is shared between the two systems through the integration, keeping both synced and up to date.

And finally

If you want to build the most efficient, scalable, fast and secure commerce marketplace - Python/Django is the right choice. 
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