Django Con in Europe 2016

DjangoCon Europe 2016 took place in Budapest and was organised by Baptiste Mispelon`s team.

DjangoCon Europe was a credit only to its community. It was organised with flair and imagination, and was very well-considered.

There were many technical and non-technical talks of note, but this one is worth mentioning.

In their talk Healthy Minds in a Healthy Community, Mikey Ariel and Erik Romijn presented a diagnosis of ills in the software industry, and followed it up with a concrete plan to address it, starting in the Django community. With the blessing of the DSF, they will lead a well-being initiative of a kind that has not been seen before in open-source software projects. There will be more on this in due course.

Other talked about the diverse interests within Django, and also from outside it. There were also invited speakers from other sectors of the industry.

13 of the 25 speakers were women - that`s remarkable, and almost never happens on similar events.

The general tone of the event, set by the organisers was deep respect for others. 

The achievements of DjangoCon Europe were not gained easily, but through great planning and labour.