Briefly about us and what we do

A company BERGSOFT+ is in business since year 2007 . The main activity of the company is data and information processing in the Internet, as well as other services in the IT area.

Here is the list of the main services that we provide in a World Wide Web:

  • Website development, support of an existing projects, website promotion
  • Publishing websites in the internet, domain registration, 24/7 support hosting
  • Website administration, VPS- servers and dedicated servers
  • Registration of the website in the search engines
  • SEO-optimisation, optimisation and management of a content
  • Web designer services for development of websites, logo`s, business cards and other
  • Translation services. Translations from and to german, english, greek, russian and ukrainian languages

Our tools

Creating our projects, we try to keep up with the fast developing modern technologies. We are programming our projects in Python, using Django framework.

Why Python, and not a well-known php?

For one because it was chosen for development by such giants as NASA, Los Alamos, Fermilab, JPL ( they use Python for scientific calculatons), Google (Popular web-framework Арр Engine uses Python as applied programming language), Yandex - facts speak for themselves.

We chose Python/Django because of its high perfomance on servers with high loads (hi-load projects), resistance of the code from hacking and development speed. Python is compatible and works almost with all known platforms — from pocket PC to mainframes.

There are ports for Microsoft Windows, almost all variations of UNIX (including FreeBSD and Linux), Plan 9, Mac OS and Mac OS X, iPhone OS 2.0 and higher, Palm OS, OS/2, Amiga, AS/400 and even OS/390, Windows Mobile, Symbian and Android.


We work with databases such as SQLite, MySQL, PostgreSQL and Oracle. As a web server of a project we recommend mostly nginx+uWSGI, but have no problem at all with Apache.

Tracker and version control system

For documentation and task tracking we use Redmine, and to store code - Mercurial (decentralized version control system).