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Business site for the "Crystal AMC"

Development of the adaptive business site for the "Crystal Asset Management" company.

Technologies used

The main business of the "AMC Crystal Asset Management" is investing in securities, increasing their profitability and reducing risks in managing customer funds. Therefore, the development of the company's website took into account the complexity of the company services and its responsibility to customers. It was decided to provide users of the site with the fastest and easiest way to obtain information about the company's activities and financial situation.

We created a site at the same time meet a number of requirements:

  • Business, official design.
  • Development of a site for mobile devices.
  • A simple and quick way to enter information.

As a result, our client has received a universal tool to promote its services in the financial market of Ukraine, and the opportunity to provide the necessary information to begin cooperation with visitors to the site.

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