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Build website for real estate agency "VictoriaEstate"

Creation of the site of the real estate agency "Victoria Estate", experienced participant in the Spanish property market.

Technologies used

Agency VictoriaEstate is the leader and an experienced participant in the Spanish property market, which has high requirements to the quality of own services. Given the company's high standards, we faced a difficult task - to develop in a short time a convenient catalog for a large number of objects.

Requirements to create a site "for people"

After consulting with the customer, we formulated the following requirements for the project:

  • Design should be memorable and moderately restrained. To solve this problem, we used modern standards of HTML5 layout and new approaches to writing javascript code for high functionality and user convenience.

  • Convenient administrative part of the site. With a high number of objects on the site, it is easy to get lost in their accounting and editing. Therefore, part of the time was given to simplifying the work of administrators with the resource. The standard admin panel is one of the strengths of the Django framework, so we quickly found the right one option.

  • Convenient search of real estate and navigation on the site. To solve the search problem, it was decided to use ajax technologies with purpose of improving the user experience of visitors. It was decided to duplicate the navigation at the top of the pages, and in the side menu for easy access.

  • Automated process of real estate orders. For the quality of customer service, the processing time is important for both order and circulation. Since the quality of services for the company is in the first place, we automated processes of notifications of site administrators about new appeals and provided a convenient way to work with orders in admin panel.

  • Stable and high speed of the site. The site code was optimized for constant loads and demonstrations a large number of objects.

  • Adaptation for mobile devices. A considerable part of the time was devoted to this task, in order to provide the opportunity to use the agency's services to an unlimited number of users.

Terms of launch and hosting for the site

The site was launched in the required time, and now it allows the company to get new customers and consolidate its position.

As a hosting for your property site, the customer made a choice in favor of our project Goodhoster.net

Technical support and site development after launch

When developing the site of the real estate agency, we, at "Bergsoft+", understand that the launch of the site is not the end of working process. New ways of improving the resource and its development, which are beneficial to our customer, were proposed. Therefore, our cooperation continues.

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