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WuWei show - studio

The WuWei`s website was developed taking into account usability and it also is adaptive, so that website would display correctly on all devices.

Functionality fulfilled
Technologies used

Show-studio WuWei is a studio, which offers courses for children and adults in different directions - dancing (go-go, belly-dance, ballroom dance, hip-hop, baby dance, pop dance ), martial arts (Wushu taolu, Wushu Sanda, Greco-Roman wrestling) and classes foe children - preparation for school, drawing, english language. And also show-making - acrobatics, choreography, acting.

Goal of the project - implement a website for the WuWei show-studio, we developed a functional of the web-site`s  sections this way, so that information would be placed on the website in a clear and simple way, so that users could easily find an information about studio`s work, classes schedule, teachers`s profiles. There is also a blog on the website.

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