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"Interelektro" company site

Development of a multifunctional site for "Interelectro" with further improvement into the company's corporate website.

Technologies used

The process of developing a Django powered site

The creation of the company's website, which has been working on the market for many years, is always a challenge for any web studio. After all, in this case, you need to take into account the corporate style, the company's established image and the expectations of existing customers. Was no exception and work on this project.

Developing and supplying electrical equipment throughout Ukraine and Europe, this company is known to many as a trusted partner. Understanding the responsibility for the image of its Internet representation, we gladly took up work.

Discussion and design of the site, its general structure and certain important elements with the customer, served us as the beginning of the work. In the design process, clear requirements were stated for each such element on the pages. Our task was, without going beyond the corporate style, to create an absolutely unique site with a wide range of functions.

Requirements for a new project

Among the functions that the site performs, the main ones are:

1. Presentation of a wide range of the company's products in several categories.

Since the company's products are counted in thousands of units, the most effective way to present it to users was selected a small widget on the product page, which allows users to easily find and familiarize with the characteristics of any product and administrators quickly change its contents.

In addition to the widget, all promotional products were conveniently presented on the page and was added the opportunity to order any of them by quickly leaving an application to the manager.

2. Convenient placement of information about all divisions.

As a result of the growth of the company and the increase in the number of partners, a big load is created for the employees of the central office in the form of calls / messages / orders. To address this situation in the administrative part of the site was implemented the ability to add and edit contact details of any number of offices and conveniently change their addresses on the map in case of moving to a new building.

3. Search for employees for vacant positions.

With constant development, there are situations of lack of the necessary number of employees. To simplify the process of their search in the section "Career" describes all the current vacancies for each office with a detailed description and the ability to send a resume. For the convenience of the HR department, each such application is additionally sent to them by e-mail.

4. Attract new customers and partners.

A necessary condition un the development of the partner page was a clear presentation of the strengths and benefits of cooperation with company. For the convenience of the site visitors, it was decided to add a quick contact form with the responsible employees.

Maintenance and improvement of the project

When writing the server part, we took into account the further development and improvement of the project into the corporate website of the company. For this, the necessary work was done to optimize each individual application and prepare for further expansion of the functionality.

In general, this is an interesting project that will be remembered for a long time. The Bergsoft + team thanks the managers Roman and Maxim for their productive cooperation and active participation in the work process.

After the launch of the site, work on improving it does not stop, to continue to perform its tasks for the owner and visitors for a long time.

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