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Creation of a business site for "Elsy group" company

Business site for a team of specialists with extensive experience in the 1C area that are not afraid to take responsibility and provide services for automation of accounting and the service"synchronization of data from a site with 1C" in enterprises of different spheres and scales.

Technologies used

Analysis and design

Create a company website is the minimum necessary to maintain the image of any enterprise. Such site should correspond to the corporate style, be user-friendly, be understandable and memorable for the company's customers.

Having become more familiar with the work of the company "Elsi Group" we found out that the main products that need to be "promoted" on the Internet is the automation of accounting at enterprises as well as the synchronization of 1C with other systems.

To solve that tasks the site was designed intuitively understandable. The design was created quiet and at the same time with elements that will make it possible to distinguish it from competitors. The company's blog always contains up-to-date and useful information for visitors, the section of the reviews emphasizes the professionalism of the team.

Optimization for mobile phones and search engines

An important element of the development was the consideration of future advertising of products on the Internet and SEO optimization of the site. For these purposes, a special module has been created that allows to change items that are important for "promotion" directly from the administrative panel. Connecting such a module saves the company time and allows to make the necessary changes as quickly as possible.

The site was adapted for viewing on mobile phones and tablets, so that each user could take advantage of its capabilities.

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