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Website Development in Europe

Today on a sales market of every industry it is hard to imagine a company, who doesn't have a website. Even beginners in business world try to create a promo website, in order to introduce their business on the internet.

But time flies, new companies appear and also appears a need in a company website, whether you are new on the market or have been working for some time already. An already existing website becomes outdated very fast, frontend and backend, because we live in 21 century, when new technologies appear every week and move fast. Now that all the traffic is 50% mobile you need to make sure your website is adaptive or has a mobile version? in order to display on all mobile devices correctly.

And here is when you ask yourself: "Where to turn? Which specialist to trust?" If you are still here and reading this text, then I will tell you about our company!

Create your website with the company Bergsoft+

We offer you to use our services and order a development of a website. BERGSOFT+ company has a long time experience creating websites of any difficulty level.

The main advantages of working with us

  • We are professionals with many years of experience and we love what we do
  • We create testing domains and try to involve a customer as much as possible in the development process of his project with us.
  • We analyse client’s goals and ideas and offer the best solution that will work effectively and benefit your business.

Main directions of our company’s work

  • design and development of websites and web solutions based on client`s tasks and needs
  • websites development for mobile devices and adaptation of web interface for mobile devices
  • set up of data exchange of your website with external resources, also creating add-ons and scripts for data exchange ( data import and export, synchronization with other applications)
  • automate testing of the program code on Django
  • hosting for your project is a place for your website on the server in the internet, it`s configuration and technical support.

Why choose us? Let`s see all the pros of creating your website with our help.

BERGSOFT+ company has been working over 10 years in the website development field. We have a lot to offer - from simple one page web solutions, blogs, news portals, catalogues to complex and large eCommerce websites and graphic landing pages. We have accumulated vast knowledge and experience, as well as turnkey solutions, and we clearly understand the your needs and desires - to receive more visitors and clients in order to get more profit and expand your business.

Watch over the process of your websites web development.

The most common problem when you order a website is when you have discussed and agreed everything with the web studio, established a price and terms, you were promised a product in a few weeks or months but you are still waiting… And later you find out that work was not even started yet for whatever reason.

It is a sad, but very frequently happening situation. You are losing time, money and patience.

We would never let something like this happen! In the web development process, as soon as the first line of code were written, we create a test domain and grant customer an access to it. This way you can review all the work progress from the beginning. So you have the opportunity to comment and suggest changes and hotfixes during the development of your project before you are presented with the final product. This helps us to speed up the development process and deliver the best product for your needs.

Do not worry about website hosting and administration.

When the website is ready, you do not have to think what hosting to choose or hire additional personnel to handle technical support of the website - we can do it all. We provide our own quality hosting at inexpensive market prices and perform all the necessary settings for the project ourselves. In this way you can pay for certain services just once or twice if needed, and not to hire an employee who needs to be paid on a monthly basis.

Use modern tools to create a website. Let`s talk about ours.

During website development we adhere to modern technologies and product standarts. Well-defined development processes, product evaluation and ability to analyse and see the essence of requirements, customer`s wishes - those are tasks that qualified IT specialists should handle successfully.

Now, if you are not interested in technical details, scroll down to the next subheading :-).

For the server side web development, we use mostly programming language python and framework Django, that is written on it. This allows us to create projects of any difficulty level from scratch, that will easily handle high loads. As our practise shows, it is one of the best choices from the price-quality-time point of view. For example, this framework is used by such large projects as Disqus, Instagram, Mozilla, National Geographic, Pinterest, Yandex and others.

On the client’s side, visual part of the website - interactive interface, is developed using the standard set of tools HTML, CSS and JQuery/Javascript, also is used Ajax technology and framework React for user interaction without page reload, if is needed in project.

Creating the websites on Django we do not use ready CMS`s with large amount of excessive unused functionality. We create fast websites and applications, that do exactly what customer wants. This significantly expands the boundaries of imagination for the client and allows to solve complex tasks not being limited by CMS` abilities, and also helps web developers to find non-standard solutions.

Often in eCommerce websites or large scale projects you need to perform data import or export and synchronize with other resources and programs. Python manages it very well - now you do not have to type large amounts of numbers manually or worry about saving the entered data - all these tasks can be solved by the developers very easy, if needed.

Most resources can not do without the use of databases. We use PostgreSQL, MySQL or SQLite depending on project requirements and goals.

For web pages cash we use Redis if the project requires it. As for background tasks - we use a proven bundle Celery and RabbitMQ.

Automate project testing

When your project is really big, it is hard to thoroughly go through all the functionality and check it after every release. And here is where auto-testing can be very handy. It allows to avoid additional expenses in the process of application use. And a possibility to lose a client over non working application is zero. Covering specific parts of code with automatic tests prevents the possibility of failures at the product development stages. The service is provided at client`s request for additional payment and is a certain guarantor of the quality of applications in complex projects.

If all the above was interesting and useful for you, and you want to order a website development, let's sum up the results

Today people search for everything in the internet. We are ready to do our best in order to bring them to your website and buy a service or product from your company. Contact us via contact form - we like to answer questions about our services.