Research and analysis

Bergsoft+ offers assistance in determining the marketing strategy. This offer is appropriate for start ups as well as for acting companies that would like to rethink their approaches in a niche market.

Why do we need a marketing strategy?

The strategy allows to determine orientation on market segments, distinguish a consumers group, choose a brand`s value, a pricing type, review the distribution channels and product distribution channels, to organize effective promotion and comunication.

Web site project budget

Planning the project budget - regardless of whether it is developed by our company or not, is one of the basic development steps. The project budget includes the cost of developing the project for a period of time it is being made. You can plan a budget based on the required deadline, existing resources and required tasks.

Project cost takes into account employees salary, services of other organizations, amortization of tangible and intangible assets of the company.

Bergsoft+ company will acquaint you with the time and cost of the work on the basis of consideration of the full project documentation - which includes requirements, a description of the final result of the product, deadlines, requests for technologies that have a preference or the customer needs to work with.

Assistance in the selection of technologies

Used technologies can be considered as more or less effective in the concept of each specific task. The correct approach to the selection of tools to meet the challenges of the project can significantly change the resource costs.

What technologies will be effectively used - choice of database, applications for report generation, server side, project management tools - all this decisions can be made easily with Bergsoft+ consulting.