Website development with BERGSOFT+ it's new possibilities for you business

We use modern technologies

Depending on what we are facing problem we will offer you the best range of modern web technologies to successfully meet the objectives and which will contribute to the further development of the project under development . We design and create a site as a single system for the tasks assigned by the customer.

Why do not we use CMS?

We do not use ready-made CMS (Content Management System) in php such as : Joomla, Drupal, DLE, 1C-Bitrix and other ... and some do not offer his " Author's CMS". Web development is done using the framework Django (Python).

Why do we create projects on Django?

It provides a number of tools to help in the rapid development of web sites informational " from scratch." Perhaps someone will say that having the ability to use ready-made templates to design a site with a clean slate rather silly.

But not on the Django Framework.

It gives the rate of creation of the project as well as on the basis of CMS, but he maintains a large load and thus more flexible in design than with CMS on php. Django web framework is used in such large and well-known sites like Google, Yandex , Instagram, Disqus, Mozilla, The Washington Times, Pinterest and others - look at the top!

The advantages of Django Framework over conventional CMS

We write all specifically only to the needs of the project, for example, we will not build and generate a "universal menu" as is common CMS, only to display the page without menus, eventually our page will be generated faster, so both will only work with what you need specifically this page. We like to work with heavy- projects and large amounts of data to address issues of high load applications .

Working with databases when using Django

Currently, in addition to our recommended, free database PostgreSQL, Django can work with other databases such as: MySQL, SQLite, Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle.

Use of other technologies

For layout display web pages we predalgaem use in our projects HTML5 and CSS3, JavaScript libraries such as jQuery, or other if necessary. Just do adaptive layout for mobile devices and tablets.

We also have considerable experience in API integration with services such as Facebook, VKontakte and others, as well as realiruem own REST APIs for the site, if necessary.

Also, if you do not want to engage in choosing a hosting provider, but want to get a full range of quality services that would meet all the requirements of Django and Python, we can accommodate your project on our site hosting cost market prices Goodhoster.net.

Each of our projects tried to love, courtship and monitor his condition as a child ! :-)

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